About “Grandma Rose”

P0002831My name is Rosalie Misco, founder of Natural Expressions 100% Whole Grain Bakery, LLC  located in rural Appleton, Wisconsin.

My interest in health and nutrition began more than 30 years ago, when I received training in basic nutrition by the University of Wisconsin-Extension as program assistant in the Nutrition Education Program. I was responsible for teaching low-income families and individuals how to purchase and prepare healthful food for themselves and their families on a limited budget. My continued interest in nutrition compelled me to increase my knowledge over the years through extensive research and experimentation with recipe ingredients.

Diagnosed with Diabetes
My quest to create healthy recipes branched off into a new direction in 1994, when I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. I decided I could either feel sorry for myself and become depressed, or strive to become the healthiest Diabetic I could be. Being a depressed Diabetic did not appeal to me, so I chose the latter. I was 55 lbs. overweight at the time, so my immediate goal was to lose weight. My second goal was to lose the 55 lbs. I regained again! Goal number three was to control my blood sugar.

gardenI researched everything I could find about Diabetes, and sought reduced carbohydrate foods in the grocery store, but there were none to be found at the time. Out of necessity, I became a “mad scientist” in my home kitchen on a quest to discover the secret of eliminating carbohydrates in foods as much as possible, without compromising flavor. After years of experimentation, I finally succeeded in creating whole grain products that don’t raise blood sugar, and are loaded with healthy, whole grain ingredients that are scientifically proven to help protect against a host of diseases for anyone seeking a healthier diet. I wanted to share the fruits of my years of labor, so I began selling my products at local farmers markets. I now have my own state certified kitchen where I bake my products, as well as an organic garden. In 2007 my recipes and I were featured in Better Homes and Garden’s Diabetic Living Magazine.

shopI then added one more goal to my life: to become physically fit. Feeling great and having tons of energy, I decided to expand my venture to help even more people by sharing my knowledge and products that I created through my years of experimentation by creating a line of Diabetic-friendly mixes for muffins, cookies, pancakes and waffles, and high protein shakes. I am now offering these products online.

As a result of eating my own products and maintaining a low-fat diet and staying fit as much as possible, I only need to take a small amount of insulin in the evening to replace the insulin my body doesn’t produce. Otherwise, I have received a clean bill of health from my doctor. I do not suffer from the serious complications of Diabetes, and feel better than ever at the age of 74! I am succeeding in my battle with Diabetes, and you can too! Try my beet, gelatin, and Hi-Maize 260 powders, and high protein shake mixes and watch your health and well-being improve!