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muffin_thumbThe white flour used in most sugar-free bakery products will raise your blood glucose levels just as fast and high as if they contained sugar because both white flour and sugar digest very quickly in your body. The use of whole grain flour helps, but for a bakery product to be diabetic friendly, it must be made with whole grain flour, added fiber, resistant starch fiber and only healthy fats.

More than two decades of research, taste testing, and testimonials from happy customers at the popular Appleton, Wisconsin Farmers Market bring you these moist, delicious, hearty, sugar-free, whole grain, low-calorie, low-carb muffins with no added fat. These muffins will fulfill your appetite for hours without causing your blood sugar levels to spike!  They are also a great choice if you’re simply trying to lose weight! Only 200 calories per muffin and will not spike blood sugar levels! (Typical bakery muffins pack 340 to 630 calories each!)

Recipes included for banana/applesauce/pineapple flavor and cocoa/zucchini/banana flavor. 

Sold in 2 lb. bags