Hi-Maize 260 Resistant Starch Fiber

Sold in 2 lb. packages  $29.75 ea.

Includes shipping in the U.S. (Shipment to Europe extra $47.75)

Resistant Starch Fiber is made from a special hybrid corn

It resists digestion and has been found to be beneficial to diabetics and anyone seeking to lose weight and practice healthier eating. Studies have shown that resistant starch fiber improves glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity, produces more satiety to keep you feeling full longer, is associated with lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, promotes “good” bacteria, and suppresses “bad” bacteria and their toxic products, promotes bowel regularity and may help protect against colon cancer. Resistant starch in a meal is associated with less fat storage after that meal.


Hi-maize 260 resistant starch fiber is used in the Natural Expressions shake mix, and can be substituted for 50% of the flour in pizza crust recipes and pie crusts. Add some to pie fillings (sugar free), or to mashed potatoes. Use 50-50 with flour for coating meats or add to gravy, spaghetti sauce, smoothies, etc. It makes you feel full longer and lowers blood sugar. Always eat the Resistant Starch Fiber in the same meal as carbohydrates. When you get the amount correct, you will see lower blood sugar levels, especially the morning fasting blood sugar.