Shake Mix

Sold in 2 lb. packages  $39.75 ea.

Includes shipping in the U.S. (Shipment to Europe extra $47.75)

Contains Hi-Maize 260 Resistant Starch Fiber

More than two decades of research, taste testing, and testimonials from happy customers at the popular Appleton, Wisconsin Farmers Market bring you this high-protein, high-fiber, sugar-free, low-carb shake mix that has no added fat. This low-calorie shake will fulfill your appetite for hours and will not spike your blood sugar levels, making it a perfect choice for a quick meal or snack! Also perfect for any weight-loss program!

This 2 lb. mix yields approximately 12 shakes, 2 lb. mix approximately 26 shakes.

Recipe for banana, cocoa, and berry shakes included. Ingredients: oat bran, egg white powder, resistant starch fiber, malted milk powder, ground flax seed.